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Arapawa Rams

Wild Rams

We have a selection of Arapawa and Pitt Island rams on offer. These wild sheep make for unusual but attractive trophy hunting.

Arapawa Rams

Most common colour is brown, but some may often have white points, and on occasion be white. These sheep have a narrow face and head; and have spiraled horns; which can grow to well over a metre in length. Spotted Arapawa’s are often referred to as ‘Cocktail’ Arapawas.

Pitt Island Rams

Mostly multi coloured. These sheep have been in existence on Pitt Island for well over a century. Their horns also grow to over a metre in length. Whichever Rams you choose, will look great in any trophy room.

These little deer can be challenging at times, just like reds and are a lot of fun to hunt. During the ‘rut’ the bucks are very vocal, making a grunt or croaking sound and stamp their hoofs trying to intimidate other deer. They can get very aggressive during this time. In New Zealand Hunting these deer is from the beginning March – end August.

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